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Well, start digging...

A hole about 25 feet deep was needed.

Oh no, limestone.

We ran into limestone about 17 feet down. Another excavator with a hammer was needed.

Digging out the limestone.

Bust limestone, dig out the pieces...

Reaching into the hole.

We had to dig a shelf to get the excavator low enough to finish the hole.

The structures.

These are the structures that are going into the hole.

In the hole.

The structures in the hole and stacked.

The top.

The top of the tower sticking out of the hole.

A look inside.

A look inside the stacked structures.


Here the hole has been backfilled.

Both structures.

A smaller structure in the front holds the valves needed.

A different view.

Another view of the external plumbing.

The valves.

A view inside the second structure at the valve system.

The outflow pipe.

The outflow pipe was plumbed in next.

The outflow pipe.

The outflow pipe was trenched to meet the existing pipework.

Breaking in the lid of the old lift station.

We broke in the lid of the old lift station and broke holes in the bottom and filled it in with sand.

Caving in the lid.

The jack hammer on the excavator made easy work of breaking in the lid.

Filling it in.

We filled in the old lift station with sand.


The finished project.