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Pond Repair

Made This One Bigger, This One Leaked  

Before we started.

This was going to become a 7 acre pond.

Another look.

A different view of the site before we started.

Removing the dirt.

Here, we are scraping away the dirt.

Working on the dam.

It's starting to take shape.

Starting to look like a pond.

Setting the AgraDrain.

Setting the AgraDrain in the hole.

Backfilling the AgraDrain.

Backfilling and tamping the AgraDrain.

The completed dam.

A look at the backside of the completed dam.

The pond as it is starting to fill.

The pond is most of the way full now.

The completed pond.

The pond is finished and has filled up.

Another view.

Another view at the completed and filled pond.

One last look.

One last look at the completed project.


Pond Building

Another Pond Project

New Ponds/Pond Repair

























Another New Pond.







Bigger and deeper.











This one leaked!